LED Lit Television

led lit televisionTechnology is moving at a staggering pace. It only takes a handful of months before one gadget gets replaced by a newer and more advanced version. Even for television sets, manufacturers have found a way to improve the experience that people get from their primary source of entertainment. One of the newest and brightest (pun intended) developments in TV is the LED lit television.

LED television uses light emitting diodes or LED in order to display graphics in the screen. This is as opposed to the traditional television models which use the cold cathode fluorescent or CCFL lighting. Images and graphics shown in LED backlighting are generally considered to be of higher quality as compared to those shown using CCFL. Currently, there are two types of LED lighting available for televisions: full array and edge lighting.

In full array, linear sets of LED are placed behind the television screen surface. This enables the television to employ local dimming, a technology which enables the LED sets in different areas to partially turn on and off depending on what is displayed on the screen. This technology permits richer image display since there is a more accurate control of darkness and brightness levels. Nowadays, there are also several LED models which utilizes light diffusers in order to produce micro dimming. However, these models produce slightly lower image quality as compared to full array LEDs.

On the other hand, edge lighting requires that LED lights are situated in the outer edges of the television screen. This allows light dispersal on the television screen itself. Televisions which utilize edge lighting tend to slimmer since it requires lesser LED components. The only drawback of edge lighting is the quality of brightness and darkness levels. Since the LED lights are placed in the outer edge, this area is typically brighter as compared to the center of the screen. White blotches might be also noticeable (in darker scenes) due to the LED lights arrangement.

LED television promises a better viewing experience to their users. When used, LED televisions have greater power consumption efficiency. Experts showed that LED TV saves about 20% to 30% energy as compared to the traditional model. Since it is energy efficient, LED TV generally have longer useful life in contrast to the traditional model. The quality is also enhanced as LED television offer better brightness, contrast and color range control. A wider color gamut is available which results to a more vivid display.

LED television also displays sharper response in scene changes and more precise image rendering. LED televisions also permit a more extensive dimming range and balanced color saturation levels. Higher contrast ratios are also possible since LED televisions have quicker power switch capability and a more improved light output. Scenes which utilize darker color pallets are clearer since there are no light leakages in the LED.

When it comes to physical features, LED television is generally thinner than traditional television sets. Most LED televisions measure around 0.92 centimeters. This reduces the space needed to accommodate the television inside the house. LED television is also more environmentally-friendly when it is disposed already. Manufacture of this type of television does not require the use of mercury, an environmental hazard.

When choosing LED television, people should consider the lighting level of the room into consideration. LCD televisions work better when placed in bright rooms. Screen size is also one important factor. The screen size should be appropriate to the size of the room and the distance of the television from the viewers. People should always evaluate between how much they are willing to spend and their preferred television quality. This will ensure that the television they are going to buy shall approximate to their needs.

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